B2B Marketing with Google Analytics

B2B marketing is done very differently than B2C marketing. There is no shortage of information available on how to best use Google Analytics for B2C, but B2B is harder to come by. Surprisingly, B2B measurement should be much easier, but is simply not done by most companies. The reason it should be easy is, unlike most B2C companies, B2B have clear definitions of who their target audience is and should have a wealth of information around personas, demographics, and even target companies they are going after. This allows for much higher focus around developing content for only those audiences. In this post I will cover the six most important measurement elements every B2B site needs to do. We will cover form tracking, form engagement, firmographics, content engagement, CRM integrations, and most importantly the audience integrations with Google. Continue reading

Video: Cross Device Tracking Using Google Analytics

In October 2012, Google Analytics announced Universal Analytics and now it is the standard for all Google Analytics users. Much of Universal Analytics benefits are tied to its capabilities around measuring the internet of things. In this video from Analytics Pros, I walk through the benefits of Cross Device Tracking, how to stitch Users together across devices and instructions and resources for getting started. Having put Google Analytics on more than 10 platforms(Xbox, Apple Watch, etc), I have learned that getting Cross Device measurement done correctly, requires careful planning. I will talk you through what you need to plan for.

Cross-Device Tracking Video:


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