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  • Joao Carpio

    Besides the UA is there something else that must be changed in order to make it work?

    • Charles Farina

      Hi Joao, you will need to create the custom dimensions/metrics scopes and slots in Google Analytics. Do you need help with this?

      • Joao Carpio

        Actually yes, is there some guide I should follow in order to create such dimensions and metrics. I thought they were created on Google Tag Manager

  • Joao Carpio

    Hi Charles, a short question, would you recommend to add the dataLayer.push before or after the Tag Manager Snippet?, I know that GTM recommends before but since is a “push” I wonder if that changes something.

  • Vijay Revatgaon

    Hi Charles, in the code ga(‘set’, ‘&uid’, {{USER_ID}}), how this USER_ID is checked for authentication. I mean someone can enter any values & hit the login button, how this USER_ID is get populated?

  • viju

    Hi Charles, how this USER_ID value is being set or populated? how can we define a USER_ID variable to take value from textbox in login form.

  • Amar Negi

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for the wonderful article! Really appreciate the example events & the resulting report visualizations that you’ve illustrated.

    A small query:

    In your login example, could one avoid the Custom Dimension “Login/Signup Source” and still be able to get the report in the format you have illustrated?
    i.e. by specifying “Event Action” as the dimension and then adding filters Action = Signup Submitted/Success/Fail/ etc.?


    • Charles Farina

      Hi Amar,

      Yes. You could just use the event category as the primary dimension, instead of the custom dimension. That way it pulls in all the custom dimensions and metrics

  • Hi Charles,
    Do you mind sharing the custom report? Or the dimensions and metrics that you used for the report format shown above? Thanks!

    • Charles Farina

      Hi William,

      Sharing the custom report will not really work, because the custom dimensions and metrics would have to be setup with the exact same scope.

      Here are the dimensions and metrics you should create:
      Custom Metric 1: Signup Succes
      Custom Metric 2: Signup Fail
      Custom Metric 3: Signup Submit
      Custom Metric 4: Login Success
      Custom Metric 5: Login Fail
      Custom Metric 6: Login Submit

      Custom Dimension 1: User ID
      Custom Dimension 2: Register User?
      Custom Dimension 3: Regisration/Login Method

  • MukhilS

    HI Charles,

    GREAT article indeed!! Thanks a lot for your time and effort.
    Is it any way possible to calculate “at what time the user logged in to the system” using GA?

  • Om Dev

    hello . Is it possible with normal wordpress login?

  • Mohammad Mohtesam

    Hello, Please share info for Mobile app both ios ans android..

  • Yash Kumar

    Hi Charles,

    Thanks for help great article , but i am having issue i have implement this step by step but still the signup no. is missing , had checked with backend , the difference is about 20 30% . what could be the reason ?